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“We saw a lot of tears when we prayed over those people. I believe there was a revival for our youth and people that we prayed over,” LSY leader Boris.

LS Youth celebrated Christmas in a very special way this year. Around 60 young people went out caroling and did an outreach in Jacksonville's downtown park for homeless people to share the joy of Christmas and spread the Gospel.

LSY did a barbeque for the homeless and fed about 130 people. “The main goal was not only to feed them, but to pray over them and preach the Gospel.While the people were standing in a line for hotdogs, there was the Gospel message that was preached about the word of God, hope and getting saved through Jesus.” LSY offered free prayers, passed out Gospel tracks and bracelets saying that Jesus is calling, John 3:16.

This year, LSY went caroling to Jacksonville airport, Walmart and church home groups. “Our first reason for caroling is to share the joy of Christmas and to bring God’s presence wherever we go. Secondly, we do caroling as an outreach.”

 LSY sang songs, preached Gospel and shared testimonies in front of a large crowd of people.

 “We planted the seed ofGospel andwe believe that this year’s outreachwas great success. Next year, we plan on going to hospitals to spread the love of Jesus, hope and power.”



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