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Субботник 2017

      Recently, our church held Saturday. The word itself has no counterpart in English. Perhaps closest in value expression of community work day .  And it really was a common work! Active and cheerful youth, serious and concentrated brothers, skillful and hardworking sisters worked on different objects. But perhaps the most fun was the children who did their best to help everyone. Finished kitchen renovation, updated classes, put things in order in the church yard, expanded parking. In general, the work enough for all. And, of course, a common lunch! Cybulski family, Tanya Opalchuk, Lin Baiyun Katya Akimenko aides did their best! Everything was delicious! And even the rain that is forecast, had to go all day, appeared occasionally and do not interfere with the general spirit. By the end of the day all a bit tired, but it was a pleasant fatigue, because it worked for the church for God's glory


Living Stream Church